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Compass Maritime is your most trusted international auto, car shipping company in Ireland. For many years we have been providing our esteemed customers with efficient and cost-effective car shipping, vehicle & truck shipping solutions. Our expert team members are experienced and work with our clients in a professional manner by establishing open communication lines to ensure that they stay updated on the status of their automobile while adding a customized feel to the whole process.

Our top-notch car shipping services have earned us the full trust of our customers because they know that we are the most reliable transport manager and we will guarantee them an efficient shipping service for their cars to any location that they want. We treat our clients as valuable pieces in the whole puzzle of the shipping operation and as such, we did not consider them to be just another client. Compass Maritime puts customer satisfaction above every other thing and that is why we go out of our way to give them the service that they deserve. We specialize in the shipment of vehicles of all kinds and our clients range from very large corporations to private car shippers.

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"Shipped car packed with personal belongings from Sydney to Dublin. Comms from Kevin in Maritime was great. Car arrived in pristine condition. Smooth collection & pickup. These guys are professional"

Garreth Woods

We are your best car shipping option.

Compass Maritime is your best option when you talk of car shipping and transport services on the international scene. We have a team of coordinators who experienced in auto transportation and our drivers have been insured to ensure that your car is delivered to you swiftly and as safely as possible. With compass maritime handling your car shipping project, you have nothing to worry about.

At Compass Maritime, we apply a proactive shipping solution by making use of drivers that are trusted, reliable, punctual, and reputable. When you speak of car shipping prices, we offer unmatched rates that give you the best solution without eating so much into your budget. We are a veteran international shipping company that has been offering clients the much-needed auto shipping options over the years.

We operate a very open communication system that gives our clients the ability to communicate with our knowledgeable and professional customer representatives in a personalized setting while enabling them to stay updated with about the status of their cars. Compass Maritime is the best auto transporter that is widely renowned for its excellence in top-notch customer experience. All through the years, we have built connections with the best experts in the shipping industry and guarantee shipping solutions for your car that is reliable and trusted.


Our Solutions

Out of Guage

We specialize in the shipping of out of gauge heavy machinery, equipment, trucks and motor vehicles to and from various worldwide destinations.


We specialize in covered car transport, enclosed car transport, and international car transport.

Household Shipping

Moving to another country? No problem! We specialize in personal effects, household, and personal auto/car shipping.

Our Expertise


Compass Maritime Ltd. is a commercial freight Irish shipping company specializing in container, automobile / truck, out of gauge, machinery and plant shipping. 


We specialize in out-of-gauge shipping. Large project cargo that requires extra project management. These projects include large machinery, oversized items & more.


Moving to another country? No problem! We specialize in personal effects, household, and personal auto/car shipping.

Shipping accounts for 90% of the global trade ensuring a steady supply of food, fuel,...